• UIAGM mountain guide or freeride specialized ski instructor for 1 day
  • 1 helicopter flight
  • Special price for rental ski material or safety equipment if needed


  • rental ABS backpack (ABS is compulsory for heliskiing) – € 25
  • safety equipment (artva, shovel, probe, harness), if someone is unprovided
  • lunch and drinks
  • ski pass
  • possible extra transfers (if necessary)
  • extra flights


For freeride, ski-touring and heliski, is necessary an appropriate technical equipment; it is also COMPULSORY to have the safety
equipment: a.r.t.v.a. and backpack with shovel and probe. For heliskiing it’s also COMPULSORY the ABS backpack (airbag). If someone is
unprovided it’s possible to rent it at € 25/pers. a day.
The ABS backpack can be necessary even for freeride or ski-touring in case of particular snow conditions.


If it’s not possible to do the heliski booked, due to problems which do not depend by our organization (weather, clients delay, etc…), the
activity will change to freeride, and the price will be adapted as you can see in our “freeride” page.
In case of lifts closed, you will NOT pay the day; your deposit will be valid for another day and even for another activity.
If you will not be interested anymore in the activity you have booked, the deposit can be used by a friend or an acquaintance.
The deposit is NEVER refunded (apart from exceptional situations); anyway we will do anything it’s possible to help you using it within the
end of the season in one of our activities.


Heliski Gressoney and every mountain guide/ski instructor are individually covered by public-liability insurance for third party damages.
Anyone who takes part at a tour/heliski/half or full day freeride/backcountry ski does it at his own risk and is aware of the mountain
hazards. At any time the mountain guide/ski instructor can change route or program to conform to the technical level and experience of the


The materials that are delivered to the costumers both for rent and those “included in costs” are functioning and in order according to
specifications. The costumer is obliged to verify this and to communicate every failure/breakage. In case of loss/breakage/or any damage,
the cost of repair/replacement is to be paid by the costumer.


It’s necessary to be able to ski on every kind of snow for a whole day.
The itinerary difficulty depends on the weather and snow conditions.
If you are not sure about your technical/physical level we suggest you to do a freeride day or half-day with one guide of our team in order to
evaluate your skills. For further details about this option please visit the “freeride & backcountry” page on our website.


Any expenses for room and board is to be paid by the client. In our “accommodation” page you will find all our “partner” accommodation,


Every individual legally and mentally responsible is very welcome. By participating in one of our programs is aware and declares to be in
good health, properly experienced and to have adequate clothing and equipment to deal with the activities described by us.
From the moment (during the activity or at the beginning of) the mountain guide/ski instructor judges not suitable (or dangerous) behavior of
an individual, he can exclude him from the activity without any refound.